I love MFN which I came to know a few years ago when I was Mayor of Leominster and they were my Mayoral charity. Since then, I have attended various events and AGMs, all wonderfully inspiring, and met many of the children and families they support, as well as their brilliant staff and volunteers.
I will be doing 25 walks of different distances, some just a mile and some up to 4/5 miles, but adding up to at least 75 miles. I will also be taking 25 pictures and adding them to this page.
28.6.20 - I have done 12 walks so far, and about 36 miles, mainly walking out of Leominster, along the River Lugg to Stoke Prior, over Eaton Hill to Cheaton Brook and the Veteran Oak tree, or beyond to Hamnish Church, over to Eyton Lane and back along the Lugg cut, and several short ones around the town or over the river. I have also been further afield to Hanway Common and Bache Camp.
5.7.20 - I have been walking more recently on Bircher Common and out from Lingen over Deerfold, as well as shorter walks nearer home.
12.7.20 A brisk walk over Bircher Common with friends, round Oaker Coppice and across towards Croft Woods. Two dogs with us this time, Joe as usual and my brother's little Jack Russell, Spot.
19.7.20 A lovely day for a walk with friends along the river and over the hills above Stoke Prior. Great to see the swan family again, the young have really grown, quite gawky and clumsy out of water, very elegant when swimming.
31.7.20 An interesting walk with friends researching the old water meadows at Ivington, starting out from Ivington Bury and looping round past the Arrow and Little Arrow. 80 miles so far.
2.8.20 A climb up from Ashley Moor with Pete and my brother up onto Bircher Common.
18.9.20 Still walking, although well over 25 walks and 100 miles now. Also, I have posted 25 different pictures catching images and moments from those walks. Recent walks have included different walks around Bache Camp, and up onto Bircher Common from Ashley Moor, as well as our familiar routes out from Leominster, over Eaton Hill or along the River Lugg.
Felicity Norman