"This is life and sanity saving provision" Parent, 2019

We support over 150 families every year, providing vital services to empower and include all children with
disabilities and their families.  Due to the current crisis we are unable to deliver any of our group services at this time but we are offering online and telephone support to keep families connected.  Once the restrictions are lifted our services are going to be more critical than ever, with many families struggling to support their children during this difficult time.  For families in lockdown, the constant vigilance and often back-breaking physical assistance required to constantly care for their child is exhausting.

We urgently need your help to survive, as a charity, and be ready to deliver services again once the current crisis is over.  As Marches Family Network is celebrating it's 25th anniversary as an independent charity this year, we have decided to run a special fundraising challenge.  Any contribution, big or small, would really make a difference to the children, young people and their families.

Thank you!