Allinteractive meets the 2Faced Dance MOON  

Allinteractive Herefordshire hosted a stunning free performance of MOON by 2Faced Dance on 20.07.19 at Withington Village Hall. Over 40 disabled and non-disabled children and young people attended with their families and friends. One parent commented,

"This was a super show and the acrobatic adventures were holding our attention all the time! Fabulous. Thank you" 

The performance combined amazing dance moves, acrobatics and circus tricks and a wonderful story about a boy called Jack who meets the moon. They meet a chimney sweep, who cleans the stars, and a dragon. The audience were spellbound throughout and had the chance  to meet the dance crew, draw on the black board floor and look at the amazing dragon costume. Allinteractive coordinator Angela Martin said,

"This was a fantastic inclusive event. 2Faced Dance were brilliant and created an amazing bond with their audience. We hope to see more such events in the future."

Herefordshire Community Foundation funded this inclusive dance and movement project with 2Faced Dance attending 2 Marches Family Network sessions in May.  It was a huge bonus for many of the young people to see this public performance. The performance was accompanied by the famous Mobiloo which provides an accessible toilet and changing space.

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