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Becoming a charity member

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What is charity membership?

Being a charity member is free and is not the same as being a registered member of the charity (in order to use the services we provide). Charity members are individuals, approved by the board of trustees, who have limited powers to influence the way the charity is set up and run. These include having a say in changing the constitution, appointing or removing trustees and deciding whether a charity should be wound up. The rights and responsibilities of charity members are determined by the trustees and reviewed periodically.

Why become a member?

Every member of the charity has the right to vote at our general meetings and can therefore influence the way the charity is managed and run.

Parents of young people accessing our services are ideally placed to undertake this responsibility as they have first-hand knowledge of what we do, while people with experience or an interest in promoting the rights and opportunities of young people with additional needs will often bring knowledge which can help shape a positive future for our charity.

Rights and responsibilities

Each individual member has a vote which may be used to determine the business of the charity at its general meetings. This right is withdrawn from any member owing money to the charity for the duration of the debt and business may only be conducted at meetings where there is a quorum. Ten persons entitled to vote (each being a member or duly authorised representative of a membership organisation) or one tenth of the total number of such persons, whichever is the greater, shall constitute a quorum. Members may also propose agenda items.

Membership is for as long as the member wishes, and trustees may permit any member to retire at any time provided there are at least two remaining members.

Members have the power to call general meetings by shorter notice than is usually required if:

  1. In the case of an AGM, all the members entitled to vote call the meeting; or
  2. In the case of any other meeting, a majority of not less than 95% of the total voting rights call the meeting

Every member of the charity undertakes to contribute a maximum sum of £10 to the charity’s assets should the charity be wound up during their membership or within one year of cessation of membership. Any surplus after debts have been paid shall be given or transferred to a charity with similar objectives which shall be of the members’ choosing.

How do I become a member?

All applications for membership must be approved by the board of trustees. For details of how to apply, and an application form, please contact the Chair of Trustees at the address overleaf.

For more information:

Membership Charities (RS7) at www.gov.uk

The Charity Commission at www.charitycommission.gov.uk

Become a Youth Worker in Herefordshire & South Shropshire